Mysterious Pianos Show Up All Over Los Angeles

It would be a cool but expensive April Fools prank, but no it’s better than that!  It’s a public art installation!

Piano at the Eyptian being tuned up for you!

Piano at the Eyptian being tuned up for you!

On April 12 pianos showed up all over Los Angeles, at L.A. Live, UCLA, USC, the Santa Monica Pier, Union Station, and here right across the street from our Office on Hollywood Boulevard at the Egyptian Theatre as part of an art installation called “Play me, I’m yours!” originally started by artist Luke Jerram.

The pianos are completely open to the public to play; they were put there through the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra with the whole purpose of letting people play music together spontaneously!  How sweet!  Check out these videos of peeps playing our piano at the Egyptian along with local bands, very funny! (You can post your pic or video of it straight to the street piano site if you feel like it.)

Each piano has a unique art design to match where its been placed (colorful skylines, dragons, eyeballs all painted on the eclectic instruments!)  The pianos were donated mostly by the Hollywood Piano Company.  When the ‘exhibit’ ends, the pianos will find permanent homes with schools and community groups like the Braille Institute and Homeboy Industries so they can continue to add music to peoples lives.

If you’re planning a Los Angeles vacation or are going sightseeing anytime soon in Hollywood, Los Angeles, or Santa Monica come by the LA City Tours office and we’ll get you started with a tour!  And don’t forget to tickle the keys on the piano across the street!

John Cusack gets his Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame!

John Cusack, talented actor of many hit movies over the decades (Grosse Pointe Blank, High Fidelity…maybe The Raven if its as good as it looks I just haven’t seen it yet!) finally got his star on Tuesday on the Hollywood Blvd Walk of Fame thanks to his fans and the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce.  And some amazing celebrities came out to wish him well!

Los Angeles John Cusack walk of fame getting his star!

John Cusack finally got his star on the Walk of Fame! Billy Bob Thornton and Jack Black joking behind him...

John Cusack star on Walk of Fame

Cusack's star on the Walk of Fame - come check it out!

Jack Black at John Cusack's Star Ceremony

Jack Black at John Cusack's Star Ceremony: "most actors dont give a crap about other people...that's why I thank my lucky stars I got to work with such a menschy-good-stuffed-potato of a man!" (I'm paraphrasing, but I swear he said menschy-stuffed-potato!)

Los Angeles Dan Akroyd Billy Bob Thornton sightseeing

Actors Dan Aykroyd & Billy Bob Thornton came to give support to their man John.

The crew at John Cusack's Hollywood Walk of Fame Star Ceremony!

The crew at John Cusack's Hollywood Walk of Fame Star Ceremony!

“I tried to screw my career up as much as i possibly could…but i managed to make my best friends in the business…” said John Cusack when he got up to the podium.  What a stand-up guy!

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Jurassic Los Angeles: Dinosaur at Santa Monica Beach!

No, this is not a ride at Universal Studios or Disneyland!  This morning, joggers, early beachcombers, tourists, and students uncovered dinosaur bones in the sands of Santa Monica beach.

Los Angeles Albertosauras Dinosaur Sightseeing2

Instagrams from Travel Alberta's Dinosaur at Santa Monica Beach!

It’s an Albertosaurus! It turns out “Travel Alberta” had planted the bones there, a replica of a real Albertosaurus found in the fossil-rich province, for students to uncover as part of an Alberta awareness campaign with world reknowned Paleontologist Francois Therrien.  It may not have gotten here by accident, but it’s well worth a trip to the beach to check out the actual replica!

Los Angeles Albertosauras Dinosaur  Sightseeing

Paleontologist Francois Therrien confirms its an Albertosauras!

Lucky you, if you’re on one of our Santa Monica beaches sightseeing tours today!  If you’re planning a vacation to Los Angeles and want to see all the sights that Los Angeles, Hollywood, and or Santa Monica have to offer, visit us at LA City Tours !

Los Angeles Albertosauras Dinosaur  Sightseeing3

Go check out the Dinosaur bones, today in Santa Monica!

President Obama tells Los Angeles: America, put out the Welcome Mat!

This week in Los Angeles has been a big one for anyone interested in travel – it’s the U.S. Travel Association’s International Pow Wow!  More than 1000 travel orgs from all over the country and 1200 international reps from 70 countries meet to plan travel for the next year.

This year was jam packed with celebrity faces: on top of Vegas headliners, Earth Wind and Fire, Cirque de Soleil, and Hollywood socialites, IPW2012 featured a theme song from the daughter of Johnny Cash and a message from President Obama!

Obama Talks to IPW2012 in a message

Special Message from President Obama to IPW Los Angeles: Make America the #1 Travel DestinatioN!

The overall gist of the entire Pow Wow?  Come to America!  Obama created a special task force just for this mission.  The message from U.S. Secretary of Commerce John Bryson and U.S. Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar included this tidbit:

There has never been a better time to visit the U.S. Last year, 62 million people came to visit our country. Today, it’s full steam ahead for travel and tourism in the U.S.  We are working with leaders in the tourism industry, including those of you here in Los Angeles, to make the United States the number one tourist destination in the world.  In short, our message is clear: We are putting out a welcome mat to the world.

Naturally, we love Los Angeles and think that everyone should get a chance once in their lifetime to come here.  (Or more than once, if possible.)  So we’re all for it!  If you’re not convinced, check out Rosanne Cash’s “Land of Dreams’ that highlights a number of America’s top destinations:


Makes me want to come here! Today is the last day of IPW 2012, and then, let the traveling begin!  If you’re in town, come by our Office on Hollywood blvd or if you’re planning your Los Angeles vacation book a tour for the best sightseeing Los Angeles has to offer.

Hollywood Celebrity of the Day: Alice Cooper!

Thanks again Donnie for picking today’s Celebrity-of-the-Day, hard rock legend Alice Cooper!

Alice Cooper on Hollywood Blvd Los Angeles

Donnie & Alice Cooper kickin' it Hollywood Blvd - and our LA City Tours Sign made it in the background too, yay!

You probably know Alice Cooper from his over-the-top stage shows with boa constrictors and baby dolls belting huge hits like “Schools Out”.  (If you’re too young for that, just remember he was a special guest on American Idol with the song!)  He was inducted with Rob Zombie into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame just last year.  It’s about time!  He’s a legend who’s earned his keep in the music world.  Just check out this letter from the late Dick Clark, thanking Alice for his appearance on American Bandstand!  We know his song goes, “…no more Mr. Nice Guy…” but he seems like a pretty cool dude for a rockstar.

So what was Alice Cooper up to on his stroll down Hollywood Blvd? We’re not sure, but I’m sure he’s got a lot of planning for the upcoming tour…

That’s right, if you haven’t heard, Alice Cooper will be joining none other than Iron Maiden on a North America tour starting this June!!!  For headbangers new and old, this will be one sweet treat for America.

Los Angeles Alice Cooper Celebrity of the Day

Thanks Pinguino K for this snapshot of Alice Cooper and his long-haired glory!

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Bette Midler, Lookin’ Great on Earth Day!

The feisty and talented singer, actress, and comedienne Bette Midler (The Rose, First Wives Club, and my personal fave Hocus Pocus ) looks better than ever!  And she wants you to get out there and do some good for our planet today, Earth Day!


Thanks Bette!  If you’re in Los Angeles, this Earth Day is winding down, but thanks to the balmy spring weather (although it is a tiny bit overcast) we still have a few hours of golden daylight left to celebrate Earth Day!  Time for a last minute Earth Celebration.  Take up Bette on a tree planting, sing “Wind Beneath My Wings” at the top of your lungs from Santa Monica Pier (we hope Miss Midler would approve) or sit outside at a fine restaurant in Hollywood or anywhere in LA and just watch the world go by.  Earth is great in Southern California! 


An Alan Light photo of Bette Midler in 1979 during "The Rose"

And if you are just planning your Los Angeles vacation, visit our site or office and we’ll set you up with all the best sightseeing there is on this part of the Hemisphere.

Today in Downtown Los Angeles: Brokechella !

Maybe you’ve heard of this little music festival called….Coachella.  It happens every year for two weekends in the middle of the desert and every big music act plays there.  It’s awesome.  But, it’s expensive, and its far.

If you didn’t have enough money to get there, or if you’re on vacation in Los Angeles today, you’re in luck!

Presenting, for only $5, BROKECHELLA !

los angeles brokechella not coachella sightseeing

Brokechella may not have holograms (that I know of) but you can't beat $5 !

It’s happening TODAY starting at 4pm in Downtown LA and there looks to be a bunch of lovely quirky bands.  (With sponsors like Jarritos and Co Op Natural Foods, this is sooo Los Angeles.)  And it only costs 5 smackers.  Online tickets are sold out, so you’ll have to get your tickets when you get there.  (It’s great weather to stand in line and meet some other peeps, so no biggie).

Take a look at this cute Brokechella Video.

If you’re not already in Santa Monica for our Earth Day celebration, check it out!  Visit us at the LA City Tours Office or keep posted for other things to do in Los Angeles, whether you’re sightseeing or bored!