Take a Peak at the Best Hollywood Sightseeing Tour in Los Angeles

You’ve watched them on screen in your favorite films growing up, followed their careers from Grammy nomination to Oscar winner, or seen them having a meltdown on prime time reality TV…whatever way you look at it, movie stars are a part of our lives.

That’s why Hollywood is such a destination for many Los Angeles travelers.  If you’re looking to go sightseeing in Los Angeles, you want to see the classic landmarks AND the classic faces.

Hollywood Sign LosAngeles Sightseeing

the Hollywood Sign seen on our Hollywood & Los Angeles Sightseeing Tours

DrDre LosAngeles Sightseeing

Music mogul Dr. Dre chillin with his family from our LosAngeles Hollywood Sightseeing Tour! Pic snapped by one of our awesome Tour guides, Sabrina!

Whether you want to go up Mulholland Drive to see the Hollywood sign, hit the beaches in Santa Monica, or visit celebrity hot spots, your Los Angeles vacation wouldn’t be complete without a tour from LA City Tours!

Find out more about all our tours here.


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