Los Angeles Celebrities & the Arts: James Franco comes to LA to sign his book

In other news, actor James Franco was at the M.O.C.A. (Museum of Contemporary Art) last night for a book signing for his new title “James Franco: The Dangerous Book Four Boys, Book Signing & Talk”

James Franco comes to Los Angeles for book signing

James Franco comes to Los Angeles for a book signing at the MOCA

Many Franconians were disappointed to find the event originally listed as “no reservations needed” only to then come back and see it listed as sold out long before the weeks leading up to the event!  Ah well, what can you expect when a handsome devil star from Freak & Geeks through Spider Man shows up at the Museum.  Copies of the signed book are already popping up on ebay for like $200!!!  At least its a hard cover copy…

James Franco book signing in Los Angeles

James Franco's new book; what the heck is that title about? Guess we'll have to buy a copy and see...

If you missed him, you’re not alone!  But don’t feel bad, come to our office at LA City Tours in Hollywood and get on one of our tours and you can still check out all the great art exhibits at the MOCA…and then we’ll cruise the sightseeing extra hard at his favorite Los Angeles hangouts!  Mr. Franco, sign my book pleeeeeeeeez!


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