Why Whitney Houston Has No Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Los Angeles

Ever since we lost the wonderful voice of the iconic Whitney Houston, people have been coming by the office to ask us where her star is so they can ‘pay their respects’ so to speak.


When news of Michael Jackson’s death hit Hollywood in 2009, hundreds of people flocked to Hollywood Boulevard to mourn the loss at Michael’s star.  There were so many flowers and candles and tokens, that there was literally no way to pass as a pedestrian unless you waited in line to see MJ’s star!  It’s something you don’t forget.

The unusual thing about Whitney Houston’s star is that…she doesn’t have one.

Evidently, Whitney was approved for a star in the Hollywood Walk of Fame back in 1995, but for whatever reason, her representatives never scheduled a ceremony.  And now, of course, it’s too late.

But maybe it’s not.  There is still a chance for Whitney’s Star to make it to Hollywod.  Taken straight from the Walk of Fame Hollywood Chamber of Commerce site:

“It is up to the family and or representatives to connect with the Hollywood Chamber regarding the issue of a star ceremony,” said Ana Martinez, producer of the Hollywood Walk of Fame. “At this time we believe that the family should be left to grieve for their dearly departed. At such time as they are ready, we would be open to discussions about setting a date to immortalize the legendary Whitney Houston with a posthumous star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.”

We hope that when they’re ready, they do, because Whitney Houston’s career and legacy as a singer, producer, and actress certainly deserve a Star on the Walk, and I bet many Angelenos, or people planning vacations to Los Angeles, would make a trip to the Boulevard just to see it.



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