Hollywood Celebrity of the Day: Comedian Paul Rodriguez

In a returning segment from our longtime roustabout Donnie, he’s nominated comedian Paul Rodriguez as our Hollywood Celebrity-of-the-Day!

Los Angeles Paul Rodriguez on Hollywood

Comedian Paul Rodriguez stops filming to chat and take a picture right in front of our office! How cool is he?

Front Desk: Hey Paul!

Paul Rodriguez: Hey guys, hows business?

Front Desk: Not bad.

Paul Rodriguez is a talented comedian who produced and was in “The Original Latin Kings of Comedy” and Comedy Central ranked him as being one of the 100 Greatest Standups of All Time!

Los Angeles Paul-Rodriguez on Hollywood Blvd

Funny Man, Paul Rodriguez !

Paul was out on Hollywood Blvd filming something ; you can see the boom mic in the background of this pic.  Honestly, in Los Angeles, it seems like every street corner somebody is filming something!  (Tip for people coming to Los Angeles on vacation: look for the temp yellow signs with black lettering to know if something is being filmed nearby.  More often than not, they’ll abbreviate the title of the show/film, or give it a codename.  I remember the last Leonardi DiCaprio flick went by something silly like “Cupid’s Arrow”.)

Paul didn’t seem to mind all the hustle of filming on Hollywood Blvd – he did a comic gig inside San Quentin State Prison after all!  What was Paul Rodriguez filming?  Maybe something from one of his two upcoming films, The First Family or Comics Open ?  We’ll have to wait and see!

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