Best Place to Celebrate Earth Day in Los Angeles: The Beaches of Santa Monica!

Earth Day is almost here!  It’s a balmy, sunny, near perfect day in Los Angeles.  What better weather to start Earth Day weekend?

There are tons of cool events going on all around Los Angeles today and though the weekend in honor of Earth Day a UN designated day since 1969 to celebrate Earth’s natural environment.

Whether you’re in Los Angeles on vacation or you’re just a local Angeleno looking for something to do, we recommend Santa Monica as this year’s destination for Earth Day!  There are events basically everywhere in Los Angeles, but who can pass up the idea of a stroll down beautiful Santa Monica pier with the sun and waves and sand..some of the most beautiful Mother Earth has to offer!

Not to mention we have a tour that will drop you off there so you don’t have to worry about getting there or sitting in traffic…it’s honestly the best way to get to the Westside.  (Just check out Beach and Shopping Tours on our site.)

santa monica pier sightseeing in los angeles

So here are a couple of events going on in Santa Monica that you can add on to a Santa Monica trip:

Stand Up For Clean Water Festival & Paddleboard Race

This is a festival and paddleboard race a happening tomorrow, April 21.  (Paddleboards? Heehee.)  Situated right next to the Santa Monica Pier and Santa Monica beach, you couldn’t pick a better event.  Not to mention that all proceeds from the Paddleboard race benefit the Santa Monica Baykeeper and some important people like Robert F. Kennedy Jr. will be there to speak…really, you can’t go wrong!  Read all about it here.

Tadasana International Festival of Yoga & Music

Yep, go really California on us!  This is a 3 day festival (Today, April 20 – April 22) here you can take Yoga classes from 60 different yoga masers and sway to the beats international music.  Look it up here.

Heal the Bay

Last but not least, the Santa Monica Pier Aquarium has been having an Earth Day Celebration for an entire month!  It culminates this weekend with celebrations at the Aquarium, cleanups, and a “Nothin’ But Sand” event from 10-12 tomorrow where volunteers can get free tickets to the Aquarium!  More info here.

Come by and ask us about more, or checkout the LAist for more Earth Day events in different areas!

It’s a great week to be on Earth, and the perfect weather to be in Los Angeles!  Come by our office and do some sightseeing of our great planet!

Sightseeing on planet earth

Sightseeing on Planet Earth today? You've come at the right time!


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