Today in Downtown Los Angeles: Brokechella !

Maybe you’ve heard of this little music festival called….Coachella.  It happens every year for two weekends in the middle of the desert and every big music act plays there.  It’s awesome.  But, it’s expensive, and its far.

If you didn’t have enough money to get there, or if you’re on vacation in Los Angeles today, you’re in luck!

Presenting, for only $5, BROKECHELLA !

los angeles brokechella not coachella sightseeing

Brokechella may not have holograms (that I know of) but you can't beat $5 !

It’s happening TODAY starting at 4pm in Downtown LA and there looks to be a bunch of lovely quirky bands.  (With sponsors like Jarritos and Co Op Natural Foods, this is sooo Los Angeles.)  And it only costs 5 smackers.  Online tickets are sold out, so you’ll have to get your tickets when you get there.  (It’s great weather to stand in line and meet some other peeps, so no biggie).

Take a look at this cute Brokechella Video.

If you’re not already in Santa Monica for our Earth Day celebration, check it out!  Visit us at the LA City Tours Office or keep posted for other things to do in Los Angeles, whether you’re sightseeing or bored!


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