Bette Midler, Lookin’ Great on Earth Day!

The feisty and talented singer, actress, and comedienne Bette Midler (The Rose, First Wives Club, and my personal fave Hocus Pocus ) looks better than ever!  And she wants you to get out there and do some good for our planet today, Earth Day!


Thanks Bette!  If you’re in Los Angeles, this Earth Day is winding down, but thanks to the balmy spring weather (although it is a tiny bit overcast) we still have a few hours of golden daylight left to celebrate Earth Day!  Time for a last minute Earth Celebration.  Take up Bette on a tree planting, sing “Wind Beneath My Wings” at the top of your lungs from Santa Monica Pier (we hope Miss Midler would approve) or sit outside at a fine restaurant in Hollywood or anywhere in LA and just watch the world go by.  Earth is great in Southern California! 


An Alan Light photo of Bette Midler in 1979 during "The Rose"

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