Hollywood Celebrity of the Day: Alice Cooper!

Thanks again Donnie for picking today’s Celebrity-of-the-Day, hard rock legend Alice Cooper!

Alice Cooper on Hollywood Blvd Los Angeles

Donnie & Alice Cooper kickin' it Hollywood Blvd - and our LA City Tours Sign made it in the background too, yay!

You probably know Alice Cooper from his over-the-top stage shows with boa constrictors and baby dolls belting huge hits like “Schools Out”.  (If you’re too young for that, just remember he was a special guest on American Idol with the song!)  He was inducted with Rob Zombie into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame just last year.  It’s about time!  He’s a legend who’s earned his keep in the music world.  Just check out this letter from the late Dick Clark, thanking Alice for his appearance on American Bandstand!  We know his song goes, “…no more Mr. Nice Guy…” but he seems like a pretty cool dude for a rockstar.

So what was Alice Cooper up to on his stroll down Hollywood Blvd? We’re not sure, but I’m sure he’s got a lot of planning for the upcoming tour…

That’s right, if you haven’t heard, Alice Cooper will be joining none other than Iron Maiden on a North America tour starting this June!!!  For headbangers new and old, this will be one sweet treat for America.

Los Angeles Alice Cooper Celebrity of the Day

Thanks Pinguino K for this snapshot of Alice Cooper and his long-haired glory!

If you’re doing a Los Angeles vacation or want to go on your own sightseeing for LA Culture or the multitude of celebrity icons that roam the city, book a tour or visit us at LA City Tours, Hollywood Blvd!


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