Jurassic Los Angeles: Dinosaur at Santa Monica Beach!

No, this is not a ride at Universal Studios or Disneyland!  This morning, joggers, early beachcombers, tourists, and students uncovered dinosaur bones in the sands of Santa Monica beach.

Los Angeles Albertosauras Dinosaur Sightseeing2

Instagrams from Travel Alberta's Dinosaur at Santa Monica Beach!

It’s an Albertosaurus! It turns out “Travel Alberta” had planted the bones there, a replica of a real Albertosaurus found in the fossil-rich province, for students to uncover as part of an Alberta awareness campaign with world reknowned Paleontologist Francois Therrien.  It may not have gotten here by accident, but it’s well worth a trip to the beach to check out the actual replica!

Los Angeles Albertosauras Dinosaur  Sightseeing

Paleontologist Francois Therrien confirms its an Albertosauras!

Lucky you, if you’re on one of our Santa Monica beaches sightseeing tours today!  If you’re planning a vacation to Los Angeles and want to see all the sights that Los Angeles, Hollywood, and or Santa Monica have to offer, visit us at LA City Tours !

Los Angeles Albertosauras Dinosaur  Sightseeing3

Go check out the Dinosaur bones, today in Santa Monica!


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