Big Los Angeles Hospital News: Jessica Simpson has a big baby!

Congratulations to Jessica Simpson who checked into a Los Angeles Hospital this morning and had, after a much awaited and joked about extended celebrity pregnancy, a healthy  baby girl!

Los Angeles Jessica Simpson Pregnant

Yes Jessica Simpson got pretty big during her pregnancy - but come on, that's what a healthy baby needs! Plus its the only time celebrities can probably eat whatever they want...We're all for it.

We’re kind of baby-crazy at LA City Tours right now because the Founder of the company, Monique, just had her first grandchild less than a month ago!  And he’s soooo cute!!!

After all the hubbub of the morning delivery was over, Jessica was quoted on her website,

 “We are so grateful for all the love, support and prayers we have received. This has been the greatest experience of our lives!!”

Well good for you guys.  The only question…Why oh why did Jessica and her fiance Eric Johnson choose the name “Maxwell Drew Johnson” for their daughter???  Never met a girl named Maxwell before.  But hey.

Come down to Hollywood Boulevard today and book a sightseeing tour with LA City Tours – it’s the best tour in Los Angeles!  And we’ll keep a look out for Miss Simpon and her new little baby Maxwell bundle….

Happy May Day!


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