Best City in the World for Cinco de Mayo: Los Angeles

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

If you don’t know, Cinco de Mayo is HUGE in Los Angeles.  I’m not exaggerating, because the truth is that Mexico doesn’t really celebrate the holiday!

The celebration (which just translates to Fifth of May) is a holiday commemorating the battle on May 5, 1862 where the Mexican army was victorious against a much larger (and supposedly better) French army in the Battle of Puebla!  While its not an official holiday in Mexico (although they supposedly celebrate in and around Puebla itself) it sure is a big celebration in California!  Why not?!  We have some of the coolest, more colorful Mexican culture north of the border!

There are tons of things going on today, with street fairs all over the city and nearly every restaurant offering some kind of Cinco de Mayo celebration.  I would reccomend Cinco de Mayo at Olvera Street !  Olvera street is a charming and colorful place any day of the week.  (El Pueblo de Los Angeles is a historical monument! )


Cinco de Mayo in Los Angeles in 1952!

And we just happen to offer a Los Angeles sightseeing tour that goes to Olvera street! :0)

If you’re in Los Angeles on vacation or planning one, come down to Hollywood boulevard and we’ll fill you in on what you should do.  The Los Angeles sightseeing tour (also part of the larger Los Angeles vacation package where you can do this over a period of day, which you need to really ‘get’ LA!) we take you through the historic and cultural diverse hotspots in Los Angeles.  Today is a great day to go!  Then again, every day is a great day in southern cali, so give us a call or visit LA City Tours if you’re coming anytime soon!


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