The Sweetest Rides on Hollywood Boulevard

In addition to catching pics with celebrities, Donnie is also great at picking out the best/weirdest automobiles that go by Hollywood boulevard!  Thanks for this plethora of some outstanding automobiles going by us on Hollywood Boulevard:


I’m really curious, and I have to admit, clueless, as to what this black car is at the bottom.  What is that?? If only we had the RoadInc. classic car iPad app, I might be able to figure it out!

(From on what this sweet app is: “Tap the ‘Archives’ option for each car, and a new world of investigation of the 50 Ancestor, Veteran, Vintage, Post-Vintage, Classic, Modern Classic, Contemporary Classic, Supercar, and Race car awaits. There’s 2,500 archival and studio photographs, plus cutaways, sketches, factory schematics, videos and more for you to admire.  Also under the Archives menu, are engine noise samples, original brochures and promotional material, maintenance manuals, press cuttings, correspondence, fact sheets, and an essay on each car commissioned for this app.  Every part of Road Inc. has been reviewed by experts, from the authentication of 3D reconstructions to the technical data sheets, to the selection of finishing materials to the racing trophies.”)

Of course, I would also need an iPad to use this App, which I don’t so whatever.  If anybody has a guess, we’d love to know.

Just another day in Hollywood!

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