2011 Green Hornet Car “Black Beauty” Spotted on Hollywood Blvd

Donnie caught a pic of this car going by on Hollywood Boulevard.  Look familiar to anyone?

"Black Beauty" car from Green Hornet cruising on Hollywood boulevard?

“Black Beauty” car from Green Hornet cruising on Hollywood boulevard?

If I didn’t know better, I’d say that looks like an exact “Black Beauty” from the 2011 Green Hornet.  Here’s one the the “Black Beauty” cars from last year’s Green Hornet with Seth Rogen and Jay CHou :

One of the 2011 Green Hornet "Black Beauty" cars - this one comes with bullet holes and is pretty beat up looking...from the end of the movie?

One of the 2011 Green Hornet “Black Beauty” cars – this one comes with bullet holes and is pretty beat up looking…from the end of the movie?

Hot dog, what if that actually IS from the Green Hornet?  I mean, this IS Hollywood, it could very well be the film’s car coordinator Dennis McCarthy behind the wheel.  (Wouldn’t you keep a model of the “Black Beauty” after the movie wrapped, if you had built it yourself? )

You see, Seth Rogen and Jay Chou were worried that they would be forced to update the car to something more modern than the original from the 1960s-1970s TV show version of the Green Hornet.  So they had McCarthy make a tricked out version of the original 1965 Chrysler.  From Popular Mechanics:

“None of the versions that companies pitched were as cool as the original,” says Rogen, who stars as Britt Reid/Green Hornet. To persuade director Michel Gondry to use a O65 Imperial Crown, car coordinator Dennis McCarthy bought and modified one of the vehicles. Low to the ground, with tinted windows, green headlight covers and hot-rod wheels, it garnered Gondry’s seal of approval. McCarthy then had to find 28 more ’64 to ’66 Imperial Crowns for the production’s needs. “We had two hero cars that were basically pristine, with a fully functioning interior, and they weren’t used by the stunt department,” he says. “Then we had cars that had no motor in it for some kind of gag. What really ate the cars up the most, though, was final chase sequence—the car just goes through various degrees of destruction, and we had to have multiple cars for each degree of damage.”

Read more: The Green Hornet Car Tech – 1965 Chrysler Imperial Crown Black Beauty – Popular Mechanics

Wait, so there were 28 “Black Beauty” cars made for the film?  My money is on the fact that the one we saw on Hollywood Blvd HAS to be one of them!

Just another day on Hollywood boulevard…

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