Cautionary Notes for Hollywood Bound Vacationers

The days are getting longer and sunnier on Hollywood Boulevard as summer draws near.  It’s gorgeous.  The only downside?  Come summer, suspicious new “tour guides” start showing up all along our street.  If you’ve strolled down Hollywood Boulevard during summertime, you have probably seen these shady characters every other block with pamphlets, heckling every Tom Dick and Harry about going on their “tour”. These guys show up out of nowhere and don’t have any kind of office or headquarters, sometimes just putting up a stand and wearing makeshift “tour guide” tshirts.  Who are they?  What are their qualifications?  Do their drivers have the right training/class license, let alone are they any good? Are their tours even safe??  I can’t say I know any of the answers, and I NEVER will because I would never get on one of their tours or put my family on one of their buses.  It just doesn’t seem worth the risk when there are other tour companies that work hard all year long to provide the visitors to our great city of Los Angeles with the best experience possible.  (And by other good companies, I mean OUR company!!!!!)

Be safe, have fun, come to a legitimate tour company with a real office!

Yes, like us.

Here we are on Google Maps street view - the real deal! Don't take any imitations!

Here we are on Google Maps street view – the real deal! Don’t take any imitations!

OK, so here’s where I toot our horn.   Clearly I’m biased, but the following are just plain and simple facts about us!  Here at LA City Tours, our office is open year round, every day of the week.  We’ve been here since 1981!  OVER 30 YEARS!  Our reputation speaks for itself.  Many hotels will recommend us as their first choice for people when they ask about what tour to go on!  And it’s not hard to see why.  We’re reliable and we care about your experience.  And we do everything – movie stars homes tours, Los Angeles neighborhoods sightseeing tours, tours to the west side to see the beautiful beaches of Santa Monica and Venice, LAX Layover trips, trips to Universal Studios and Disneyland (which is not even in LA county, by the way!).  We can arrange any kind of package, from one day 2 hour trip to week long package with all your accommodations and bells and whistles.

LA City Tours Map on Hollywood Boulevard

LA City Tours Map on Hollywood Boulevard

Opportunists wearing makeshift “tour guide” shirts can’t offer that, and I’m embarrassed that people on holiday have to put up with them, and occasionally get suckered into taking one of their tours.  Just say no and come straight to our Office!  You’ll know by the nice people in front and at the desk with the real uniforms that say “LA City Tours”!!!  We’re the ones posing with all the celebrities!

Donnie in front of LA City Tours Office posing with Guillermo from the Jimmy Kimmel Show!

Donnie in front of LA City Tours Office posing with Guillermo from the Jimmy Kimmel Show!


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