Hollywood-Celebrity-of-the-Day: Eddie Murphy – loves his cuppa joe!

I haven’t had a chance to post this pic till today from our recent sighting of one of my all-time favorite comedians (and actors) Eddie Murphy!

Eddie Murphy in his nice black convertible...cheers to you too!

Eddie Murphy in his nice black convertible…cheers to you too!

What is he drinking?  I bet its something cool, like a Cuban latte with extra cinnamon.  Who knows, I should have asked Xochitl, who snapped this pic on our tour, if she asked him!  Man, I love the Murphy.  Have you seen any of his early stand up?  If you ignore The Nutty Professor, he’s almost had a flawless comedic career!

In my opinion, and I’m not exactly an expert but I have seen my fair share of Eddie Murphy films, these are his top 5 ALL TIME FLICKS that Eddie Murphy has been in:

5. Beverly Hills Cop.  Come on, with that classic theme song, how could this not be on the list!

4. A two way toss up between two medium-good comedies: Meet Dave (A crew of miniature aliens operate a spaceship that has a human form; you guessed it, small Eddie Murphy inside of big Eddie Murphy) and Coming to America (An African prince goes to Queens, New York City to find a wife whom he can respect for her intelligence and will….).  Actually, Coming to America is really pretty good, and it features a funny Aresnio Hall, but if you like Eddie’s physical comedy, you’ll enjoy Meet Dave too.

3. Shrek.  Any of them, but the first is the best.  Love Eddie in his role of Donkey.  Murphy, Mike Myers, and and Dreamworks, great combo!  Dooooonkey!

2. Vampire in Brooklyn.  Eddie plays a swoony Caribbean vampire named Max. “Maximillian is the only survivor from a race of vampires on a Caribbean Island, and as a vampire, he must find a mate to keep the line from ending. He knows that a child had been born to a woman who had a vampire father, and he searches for her in Brooklyn….” Naturally.

AND the all time best film Eddie Murphy has been in goes to…..

1. BOWFINGER !  It’s the best Eddie Murphy film that nobody ever saw.  Seriously, I really enjoyed it, it’s got STEVE MARTIN in it also, not to mention Eddie Murphy plays two people: a celebrity “jiff ramsey” and his unfamous brother “kit ramsey”. (Kit Ramsey has braces, that alone is worth renting this on netflix.)

Just my opinion, of course…

If you’re in Los Angeles on vacation or planning one, come down to our office on Hollywood boulevard and we’ll fill you in on everything we did (or didn’t) want to know about Eddie Murphy and other celebrities!  And, we’ll keep an eye out for him in his black convertible!  There’s lots to do while you’re in the expansive City of Angels.  On our Los Angeles sightseeing tour, we take you through the historic and cultural diverse hotspots in Los Angeles and fill you in on Hollywood history, old and new.  We also do Santa Monica beaches tours, Disneyland and Universal Studios stuff, and while Los Angeles Vacation Packages!  Today is a great day to go!  Then again, every day is a great day in southern cali, so give us a call or visit LA City Tours if you’re coming anytime soon!


2 thoughts on “Hollywood-Celebrity-of-the-Day: Eddie Murphy – loves his cuppa joe!

  1. Agree about Bowfinger! Watched it for the second time recently and it was just as funny. By the way, you might be interested in my earlier post, ‘Encounters with Hollywood Stars’ written in March.

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