The Rock sells Los Angeles Mansion with Pink and Purple Princess Room!

It’s true – Dwayne Johnson, or The Rock as some of us still call him, sold his Los Angeles home in the Hidden Hills for nearly $4.9 million!!!  Not a bad deal in this housing economy (lol).

I like the Rock.  I know he wants to be called by his real name and get away from his WWF days and on to “serious roles”.  (He interviewed on a late night talk show, forget which, and said he really really wanted to do serious roles if anyone would give him a chance).  But personally, I think he’s really charming in his silly comedic roles – like, uh “The Tooth Fairy”!   There’s just something funny and sweet about this big ex wrestler playing a nice but frustrated guy in tutus talking to kids.  And funnily enough, after seeing the bedroom where his little daughter sleeps in the pics leaked, presumably, from his realtors, you can see he REALLY must be a big softie at heart!

Check it out:

Just look at this cute room - are those pink and purple monkeys hanging from the ceiling?

Just look at this cute room – are those pink and purple monkeys hanging from the ceiling?

Awwww how sweet.  The Rock totally loves his daughter!  Can’t you see him tucking her in and telling her to put her tooth under the pillow and she’ll get a dollar bill…or a hundred dollar bill, whatever it is these days.

Considering the look of the rest of the house, I wouldn’t be surprised.  It’s sweet!

Yup.  Exactly how every Celebrity mansion looks in my imagination!

Yup. Exactly how every Celebrity mansion looks in my imagination.  Maybe add some waiter with champagne in a white suit standing next to the pool and there you go.

This is how I want to watch "The Scorpion King"!

This is how I want to watch “The Scorpion King”!

Infinity pool, that's what I'm talkin bout.

Infinity pool, that’s what I’m talkin bout.

Like.  So where is The Rock moving to?  Not sure.  Maybe he’s moving to Europe, since Fast and Furious 6 is going to be filming in London and Berlin a lot.  (I know, there’s been 6 OF THEM already???) From

We already knew that the Justin Lin-directed Fast and Furious 6 would be taking place overseas, andJohnson recently told Steve that they’ll specifically be filming in London and Berlin.  Variety’s casting report notes that the plot involves everyone’s favorite street racing crew going across the pond to work on a heist job.  Evans’ villain role is that of the leader of another crew attempting to pull off the same job.  We previously learned that Jason Statham turned down a role in the film, so presumably he was offered this same villain that Evans will be playing.

Before the release of the surprisingly great Fast Five, rumors arose that Universal was toying with the idea of switching up the genre of the franchise and churning out a series of heist movies.  Five got the ball rolling on the whole heist idea, and with the Fast and Furious 6 plot details centering around a heist, it definitely sounds like the rumors were true.

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