Hollywood Celebrity-of-the-Day: Dustin Hoffman

It’s true, celebrities may not live in Hollywood (they live in much nicer neighborhoods, of course – we take you there on our hilarious Movie Stars Homes Tour) but they do come to Hollywood, whether just walking around (Kim Kardashian!) or to walk down the red carpet at a film premiere at the Chinese Theatres.  Two fridays ago, Hollywood was buzzing at the Rock of Ages Premiere (Tom Cruise, Catherina Zeta Jones, Julianne Hough, Paul Giamatti, and Russell Brand were all across the street from our office – to name a few!  Write-up to come….I’m a little behind.)

To illustrate what I mean, today’s Hollywood Celebrity-of-the-Day goes to Oscar winning legendary actor Dustin Hoffman.  Seriously!

Dustin Hoffman with Donnie in front of LA City Tours!

Dustin Hoffman with Donnie in front of LA City Tours!

Know much about the guy?  He has an interesting past!  From Imdb:

Graduated from Los Angeles High School in 1954. Went to Santa Monica City College where he dropped out after a year due to bad grades. But before he did, he took an acting course because he was told that “nobody flunks acting.” Also received some training at Los Angeles Conservatory of Music. Decided to go into acting because he did not want to work or go into the service. Trained at The Pasadena Playhouse for two years.

I’d say Dustin certainly didn’t flunk since he’s gotten 2 Oscars and 7 nominations. (“Boooring,” says Dustin.)  About a year ago Dustin was around on a regular basis while they filmed “Luck” the HBO series as the nearby Santa Anita racetrack.  Sadly, the show was cancelled (I never got to see it…sad about the horses) but I’m sure he’ll come back with a passion in his upcoming film to look for “The Song of Names”.

If you’re in Los Angeles on vacation or planning one, come down to our office on Hollywood boulevard and we’ll take you to all the spots where you’re most likely to see the famous actors, musicians, and socialites that have been in all your favorite parts of pop culture!  There’s lots to do while you’re in the expansive City of Angels, celebrity schtuff is one small part of it.  On our Los Angeles sightseeing tour, we take you through the historic and cultural diverse hotspots in Los Angeles and fill you in on Hollywood history, old and new.  We also do Santa Monica beaches tours, Disneyland and Universal Studios stuff, and while Los Angeles Vacation Packages!  Today is a great day to go!  Then again, every day is a great day in southern cali, so give us a call or visit LA City Tours if you’re coming anytime soon!


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