Rising Star Yuna at Amoeba Records, Hollywood

This is the last weekend of the Los Angeles Film Festival (still some good films today to catch if you get a chance!) and I caught a live performance of some really talented artists at one of the Fest’s “Music in Film” events at the LA Grammy Museum.  In particular, the rising indie pop star Yuna caught my attention!

She has a really cool sound and is super charming.  Yuna sounds kind of Norah Jones-ish with more of an indie-pop bent, and she’s from Malaysia and has a really cool backstory!  Want to check her out?  You’re in luck because she will actually be performing at the iconic Amoeba Records on Tueday for free! (Most Amoeba performances are free – just another reason why its the best damn record store in America)

Malaysian pop star Yuna will be performing at Amoeba Records on Tues

What URB has said about Yuna after a live show that had people lined up around the corner to get in:

“Vocally, the singer blends the sultriness of a jazz chanteuse with the sincerity of an acoustic singer-songwriter – think Norah Jones meets Regina Spektor or Ane Brun – and balances an inherent sense of confidence with a nervousness more endearing than perplexing.”

A little more info on her from Yunamusic.com:

At the age of 19, while in law school, she picked up a guitar and began to fervently write. She released her self-titled EP in Malaysia in 2008.  Yuna joined FADER Label in summer 2010 and released her digital EP Decorate in March 2011, which had fans, critics from Billboard, KEXP, The New York Post, and even Russell Simmons himself, who raved, “an amazing new singer…her music is incredible”, all instantly praising her talents.

Also in 2011, SPIN featured Yuna in their Buzzcatcher piece, “Eight Bands You Need to Hear Now” and she gave a stellar performance before a packed audience at MTV Iggy’s “Best New Band in the World” concert in New York City. In January 2012, Yuna released “Live Your Life”, the first single from her forthcoming full-length album. It started getting airplay immediately at Sirius – The Loft, KCRW and KROQ. The music video premiered on MTV2 and was featured on the homepage of VEVO.com. Yuna’s self-titled album will be released on April 24, 2012.

Law school?!! Another interesting fact that Garth Trinidad (who was hosting the “Music in Film” event) noted was that Yuna was actually discovered on Myspace when she posted songs there that she’d recorded for fun in her house on her computer in Malaysia!  Now, she’s with Fader Records and you can look for her cover of The Beatles “Here Comes the Sun” on Oliver Stone’s upcoming film “Savages”…what a journey!

Malaysian singer/songwriter Yuna will visit Amoeba to play a set and sign copies of her self-titled album (out now on the Fader Label).  On our Hollywood tours we explain how awesome Amoeba Records is, so you should check it out regardless. It would be a great way to finish up a day in Hollywood after one of our tours – by listening to a great new musician and getting your CD signed by her! Just check out her sound:

If you’re in Los Angeles on vacation or planning one, come down to our office on Hollywood boulevard and we’ll fill you in on any cool new music acts going on at Amoeba and the many famous nearby venues and nightclubs!  There’s lots to do while you’re in the expansive City of Angels.  On our Los Angeles sightseeing tour, we take you through the historic and cultural diverse hotspots in Los Angeles and fill you in on Hollywood history, old and new.  We also do Santa Monica beaches tours, Disneyland and Universal Studios stuff, and while Los Angeles Vacation Packages!  Today is a great day to go!  Then again, every day is a great day in southern cali, so give us a call or visit LA City Tours if you’re coming anytime soon!


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