LA City Tours Driver on the Cover of Los Angeles Times!

Hey guys – some really cool news.  Our longtime driver and friend Don Dangerfield Baisa is on the cover of today’s Los Angeles Times in a full article about his life as a tour guide in Hollywood!

LA City Tours Driver Don "always hoping the stars are out..."  Us too!

LA City Tours Driver Don “always hoping the stars are out…” Us too!

LA City Tours driver Don "He Wants Stars in their Eyes"

LA City Tours driver Don “He Wants Stars in their Eyes”

LA City Tours makes the cover of the LA Times!

LA City Tours makes the cover of the LA Times!

That’s right, the story shared the front page with other big-deal headlines, like Elections in Egypt and the Levitated Mass opening at LACMA.  From the abbreviated online LA Times article (the full story in the paper is so worth a read):

Baisa…knows what his passengers want during their two-hour journey through Hollywood and Beverly Hills….

On this afternoon, as his tour winds through Trousdale Estates, Baisa gets lucky. “Look, everyone!” he says, pausing outside Courteney Cox‘s sprawling home. “It’s David Arquette. Hi, David!”

Arquette, unsmiling, waves. He pulls a white Avanti convertible into a gated driveway.

“Oh my God!” one Australian tourist gushes. “Hi, David! Hi, David!”

“Yes, this is Hollywood, folks,” Baisa says amid the heightened chatter and iPhone camera flashes. “Where the stars live, work and play.”

The article is an interesting and unflinching look at the diverse characteristics of the modern day Hollywood.  We feel honored that our driver of 4+ years Don was chosen for the article and gave such a full portrait.  Grab a tall soy latte, stear clear of the homeless man in your favorite chair at Starbucks, and flip through the LA Times and read all about it!  I did.

If you’re in Los Angeles on vacation or planning one, come down to our office on Hollywood boulevard and we’ll give you our best shot at seeing stars!  If you bring in a copy of the paper, hell, we’ll give you a discount.

There’s lots to do while you’re in the expansive City of Angels.  On our Los Angeles sightseeing tour, we take you through the historic and cultural diverse hotspots in Los Angeles and fill you in on Hollywood history, old and new.  We do, as the article in the LA Times suggests, the movie stars homes tour, and we also do Santa Monica beaches tours, Disneyland and Universal Studios stuff, and while Los Angeles Vacation Packages!  Today is a great day to go!  Then again, every day is a great day in southern california, so give us a call or visit LA City Tours if you’re coming anytime soon!


3 thoughts on “LA City Tours Driver on the Cover of Los Angeles Times!

  1. What an amazing accomplishment for Mr. Basia and great exposure. I’ve visited LA a few times before and it was beautiful- the people, the surroundings, the everything. I unfortunately, did not see any celebrities but the next time I am there I will have to check this place out. I’m in the process of relocating to the Santa Monica area (work related) and would love to experience one of the above testimonials as a homecoming gift. Thanks for the read and recommendation.

  2. Aw thanks so much! We think so too and were so excited for Don (and LA City Tours lol). That’s great you are moving to Santa Monica – woot woot! The West Side rocks! Just in time for the summer too…
    Definitely hit us up anytime you’re setttled in and are up for a tour or rec! Welcome back!!

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