The Hollywood sign gets a make-over just in time before hitting 90!

The Hollywood sign turns 90 in 2013!

They just put the last bit of paint with the last bit of brush on the last bit of letter of the Hollywood Sign  atop the Hollywood Hills, which you can see from miles away on a clear day.

The cost was $175,000.  The Sherwin-Williams paint company donated $140,000 and the Hollywood Sign Trust, kicked in the remaining $35,000.

The Hollywood Sign was cleaned and scraped by hand and then protected with a  pro industrial acrylic primer to prohibit rust and prevent corrosion.
Finally, a top coat of emerald exterior acrylic latex paint was  used to  cover the iconic landmark in white. This product will resist peeling,blistering, mildew and dirt pick-up. It sounds like an ideal skin care product.

Tinseltown’s biggest star – The Hollywood Sign has been restored to its full beauty once again thanks to a historic “face-lift” from Sherwin-Williams and The Hollywood Sign Trust. The whole project took over the nine-week’s to refurbish.

A cultural and historic landmark, the Hollywood sign is the pride of its owner, the people of Los Angeles. Sherwin-Williams Paints and The Hollywood Sign trust funded the project .

“The Hollywood Sign Trust is excited that Hollywood’s leading lady received two tons of makeup in time to celebrate her 90th birthday,” said Chris Baumgart, chairman, The Hollywood Sign Trust. “We thank Sherwin-Williams for participating in this public-private partnership to restore an American icon that is recognized as a symbol of hopes and dreams around the world.”

The products used for the Sign’s most extensive refurbishment in nearly 35 years are designed to help the Sign retain its crisp white finish, especially against the elements. To ensure the makeover endures the test of time, the existing coatings were removed from each of the letters, a time-intensive process completed almost entirely by hand. Next, painters applied 105 gallons of Sherwin-Williams Primer, and two coats 255 gallons of Emerald Exterior Acrylic Latex Paint. Emerald Exterior Paint offers extreme resistance to blistering, peeling, chalking, fading, mold, mildew and dirt pickup.


“We are thrilled to be a partner in this historic refurbishment and honored that Sherwin-Williams innovative products were selected to restore the Sign’s beauty,” said Jay Davisson, president and general manager, Sherwin-Williams Paint Stores Group.  “For 146 years, Sherwin-Williams has been protecting and beautifying America’s most prized possessions, from the Golden Gate Bridge to the White House, andmany ballparks, museums and homes in between.”



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